The person specification (expected to be published in October 2022) for stroke medicine lists the essential entry criteria to be eligible for consideration.

As stroke medicine training requires employment in a higher specialty training programme, it will be straightforward for most trainees to demonstrate that they meet the criteria. This section will focus on the areas which may affect prospective applicants.

If you are considering applying to stroke medicine, whilst it is not a mandatory requirement, it is strongly recommended that you speak to your current training programme director to discuss your plans and the effect it will have on your training. If you are successful, you will need to complete an application form for out of programme training before your post can be taken up.

Internal Medicine Stage 1 capabilities

Most applicants are only able to apply if they can demonstrate evidence of achievement of the capabilities required by the Internal Medicine Stage 1 curriculum. The following methods are ways in which this can be demonstrated:

  • Successful completion of Internal Medicine Stage 1 Training by time of application, via one of these approved routes, evidenced by ARCP:
    • UK Internal Medicine Stage 1 Training
    • UK ACCS (Internal Medicine)
    • UK Broad Based Training (medicine route)
    • A standalone UK IMY3 programme (following completion of UK core medical training/ACCS (acute medicine))
    • JRCPTB internationally level 3 accredited equivalent Internal Medicine Stage 1 Training programme
  • Completion of UK ST3 in General Internal Medicine and satisfactory progress for any subsequent GIM training, by the advertised post start date, evidenced by ARCP
  • Alternative evidence of achievement of Internal Medicine Stage 1 capabilities. Acceptable evidence is only permitted via the Alternative Certificate to Enter Group 1 Higher Physician Specialty Training

Exception to full IM Stage 1 capability

As some doctors will have started higher specialty training prior to the implementation of the internal medicine training curriculum, there is an exception to the rules above for those who would have previously been eligible on the basis of completing core medical training. 

Therefore, applicants who started their higher specialty programme prior to August 2022 in the following specialties, are eligible to apply without full Internal Medicine Stage 1 capabilities , provided they have successfully completed ST3 training and are making satisfactory progress with their training, evidenced by ARCP: acute internal medicine, cardiology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, geriatric medicine, neurology and rehabilitation medicine

Trainees in rehabilitation medicine will only be eligible if they have completed core training in medicine, i.e. those that came into the specialty via an alternative pathway (e.g. surgery or general practice) will not be eligible for stroke medicine unless they can demonstrate eligibility via completion of full stage 1 capability.

Progression in training

The following criteria apply:

  • Completed first year of higher specialty training – you must have successfully completed the first year of your higher physician specialty training programme by the time of application to be eligible to apply.
  • Not final year – trainees must not be in the final year of training in their parent specialty at the time of application to stroke medicine
  • ARCP outcome 1 – you must have an ARCP outcome 1 at the most recent ARCP for your higher physician specialty (and also in general internal medicine if you are dual training).

Right to work in the UK

As only existing trainees are eligible to apply, this criterion will be met by default.

However, if you are on a Tier 2 visa, and sponsored by one of the four nations’ training agencies, there will be restrictions applied to your application if you wish to work in a different nation to your parent specialty.

In this case, as you would be changing sponsor, any offer would be subject to the resident labour market test. Whilst you could be made an offer in another nation, this would only be after those without restriction have been considered, regardless of your ranking. The UK eligibility page of the ST3 eligibility section has more information about this.

If you have previously undertaken stroke medicine training, or are a current trainee in the sub-specialty, there are some rules of which to be aware:

Previously released/relinquished a stroke medicine programme

You must not have previously relinquished, been released or removed from a stroke medicine programme, except under exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances may be defined as a demonstrated change in circumstances which impact on your ability to train at the time, such as severe personal illness or family caring responsibilities, incompatible with continued training.

Should you be in this position, your application can only be considered if accompanied by a completed Support for Re-application to a Specialty Training Programme certificate - completed by the postgraduate dean, or designated deputy, of the region managing the training programme on which you were employed. This can be accessed/downloaded from the document library.

You will be required to email this to the region managing applications prior to the closing date for applications.

Current stroke medicine trainee

If you are a current stroke medicine trainee and are reapplying to continue training in another in another region, or a different area within their current region, without a break in service, you will be required to submit a Support for Reapplication of Specialty Training in a Different Region form; which can be downloaded from the document library.

The form must be completed by a Head of School or Training Programme Director, with direct knowledge of your training from the region where you currently undertake training in stroke medicine.

Please ensure you advise your current Training Programme Director as soon as possible and ideally before the application is submitted. Submission and approval of post numbers for recruitment happens way in advance of training programmes being advertised. Being aware of a potential vacancy could assist your Training Programme Director with the management of their training programme. Early communication of intention to the Training Programme Director will not affect your application.

You will need to email the Support for Reapplication of Specialty Training in a Different Region form to the region managing your application. You will need to email this prior to the closing date for applications.

Previously completed stroke medicine training

Applications are not open to trainees who have already completed a UK stroke medicine training programme or have sub-specialty registration in stroke medicine on the GMC Specialist Register.