If you're looking for high quality medicine training, the East Midlands is the perfect place to live and work. Offering world-class facilities, training from internationally regarded experts and unrivalled academic opportunities, you'll develop your career in one of the country's most accessible and vibrant regions.

And, thanks to the unique geography of the East Midlands, getting around by road and rail is easy. The major cities in the region are only around 30 to 50 miles apart meaning you and your family will be able to put down roots, safe in the knowledge that you don't face a lengthy commute or the prospect of moving home.

If medicine is your passion, the East Midlands is the perfect place to develop your career.  You can join one of our 20 plus training schemes from cardiology and neurology to palliative medicine and infectious diseases and be supervised by nationally and internationally renowned experts.

Your programme will be structured so that you are exposed to both smaller rural hospitals and large city teaching hospitals, enabling you to acquire a wealth of experience in your chosen specialty.  At the same time you will be working within a well-defined geographical area minimising the inconvenience of long journeys to work.

The School of Medicine is proud of its innovative approach to teaching and training.  We provide a full programme of teaching for generic skills including a patient safety teaching programme and simulation.  You will have access to a bespoke leadership and management course and there are plenty of opportunities for teaching and research. 

Our Flexible Training Programme is open to apply to from all higher speciality training programmes. We are one of the first regions nationally to offer a Standalone Training Programme for GIM Medicine. We are continuously looking forward and currently have plans to develop training opportunities in rural medicine and increase awareness of health disparities.

‘No deanery is perfect but I will never regret my decision to leave ….. to come to the East Midlands ‘   Comment from trainee survey

There are endless training opportunities in the region. One of the key benefits of training in the East Midlands is the size of the programmes. You will be supervised by national and international experts who will get to know you and help you to undertake the practical procedures you need to learn. Our busy hospitals will mean you will see lots of medicine and gain all the experience you need. Please see our website https://www.eastmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk/ and our videos for more information about training in the East Midlands.

‘I have enjoyed training … in the East Midlands. The hospital placements have given me a broad range of experience from large teaching hospital sub-specialty clinics to community based care.  I have felt well supported by my supervisors and there are regular regional teaching days which cover all aspects of the curriculum.  Overall the East Midlands is an excellent location to train….’  Francis Rees HST trainee.

The East Midlands is an accessible, diverse, affordable place to live. Our training programmes are designed to minimise disruption on your family and personal life. House prices and rented accommodation are more reasonably priced than in many other areas of the country.

There is a wealth of opportunities for days out in the East Midlands, with the nearby Peak District, numerous restaurants and excellent shopping.  The East Midlands has an exceptional sporting reputation with opportunities to see ice hockey, premier league football in Nottingham, as well as rugby in Leicester and cricket across the region including at Nottingham’s world renowned Trent Bridge.