On the whole round 2 runs very similarly to round 1. The main difference is that in round 2 not all specialties participate; participating specialties will be confirmed in the run-up to the application opening date for the round.

Regions will make available any HST programmes which were either not filled in round 1 or have subsequently become available. 

An addendum to the applicants' guide has been published to the document library of the website. This details anything which is different about round 2 to round 1 and also confirms the specialties participating and interview dates; these are also available on the relevant page for each  specialty . The FAQs area contains a section on  round 2  with further guidance on common questions.


The overall timetable for round 2 is published on the timeline page of this website. Changes to any of the stages of the timeline will be reflected immediately on the timeline page, as well as noted in a news item where considered necessary.

This does not include the interview dates for specific specialties which will be published to each specialty's page in the lead-up to the opening date for applications.

Applying in both rounds