This section gives guidance on completing and submitting your PHST application form. This includes some general notes about using the form and then a look at each section of the application form.

Please visit the timeline section of this website for information on application opening and closing dates.

The Oriel application system is already active and accessible, allowing you to access the system and begin registering your information prior to making an application, if you so wish.

In addition to the guidance provided here there is an Oriel Applicant User Guide available to download from the Oriel resource bank.

Before beginning your application form, please note the following general information:

  • Application form fields -  Each section within the form is made up of a series of fields - these can be drop-down menus, free-text boxes, explanatory text, help boxes, etc. Completion of some fields will be mandatory - ie where an answer must be given to allow you to progress. These will be indicated to you.
  • Save section - As you add information to your application, please remember you will need to save it to make sure it is retained; the system has a one hour inactivity time-out, after which you will be logged out and information not saved will be lost. The 'Save' button can be found at the top of each page. Additionally, when navigating away from a page it usually saves the page when doing so; this will be indicated on screen when this happens. Saving a page does not prevent you from editing the page again at any time up until you submit.

  • Free-text boxes - These are relatively straightforward to use; the main point to note is that each will have a word limit which you cannot exceed.  You need not be concerned with formatting such as bullet points as the field takes only basic text, however we encourage you to lay out the text so that it is easy to read.
  • Completed pages - The system will tell you when all mandatory fields on each page have been completed, and the page is ready to be submitted, via a green line under that page title. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct and fully completed. 

  • Submitting - Please do be aware that apart from reference details and contact information, you cannot edit your application after it is submitted, under any circumstances. Therefore make sure you are satisfied with your application's content before you finally submit it.

  • Linking applications - It is not possible for candidates to formally link their applications. In the event that you and another candidate wish to, you are advised to select the same region preferences. Beyond this, formal linking is not possible. Should it appear that you and your partner will be placed in different regions, please contact the PSRO  as soon as possible so options can be investigated.

The application form is divided into four main sections, each containing various pages you will need to complete, below is some information on each section which are most likely to generate queries.

Please note  - as mentioned elsewhere, with the exception of personal contact details and references,  it is not possible to amend your application form once it has been submitted; so please only submit finally once you are fully satisfied with your application.